How to Choose a Chandelier for Your Home

Choose a Chandelier for Your Home

Chandelier is ornamental light mounted on ceilings. In modern design, it uses LED and fluorescent lamp for its light. Using the right chandelier will help you add enhance artistic value to your home. Besides that, chandelier also can produce a beautiful and soft light which create elegant and glowing atmosphere. Usually, it’s hanging on ceiling for living room, dining room, and ball room.

For you that want to buy a chandelier, here are some tips how to choose the right chandelier:

Choose a Chandelier that has a Right Proportion

You can not choose chandelier that is too big or too small because it will not look good in your room.  To choose the right proportion chandelier, you have to add the dimensions of the room together in feet. Then the result will convert to inches, which should equal the diameter of the chandelier. Example: room’s measure is 9’ x 14’ which means diameter of the chandelier should be 23’. If you think the calculation is a bit inconvenient, you can use Lightology chandelier size calculator.

Think Out of the Box

Crystal chandelier is beautiful and classic, but you can try other types of chandelier. There are so many types of chandeliers which are made from shining metals, matte metal, seashells, wood, stained glass, etc. Are you confused? That’s okay; you can start browsing and visiting electrical stores. If you stay in Australia, try going to Cetnaj which is a big electrical stores.  Besides that, you can start reading articles about chandeliers so you can know types chandeliers. And maybe you will find your favorite chandelier.

Choose the Right Style

Your room has its own style, right? So you need to choose chandelier that can increase artistic value for the room. The rule is very simple; you must match the chandelier with other decorations theme. Example: your living room has a retro style, you can choose retro style chandelier for it.

Carefully Check the Watt

You have to check the chandelier‘s watt. You have to try find the chandelier‘s watt that matches the electricity supply of your home. Well, you certainly don’t want blackout because you turn on the chandelier.  It will be better if you can find lower watt. Hope you can find the right chandelier for your home. Happy hunting!